New Jax City Rollers (All Star WFTDA Team)

Who bad?!  The New Jax City Rollers – that’s who. Known for their love of leopard, these ladies are on a mission – to leave their mark. They have taken the derby world by storm, battling their way up through the rankings pretty quickly over the last couple of years. All of their hard work is paying off, they are currently ranked #9 in the world!

They couldn’t do this on their own, their coaches bring a wealth of knowledge about the sport. B.A. Allman and Chuckie help keep the track and bench in order. They are both members of our brother league, the Magic City Misfits and have been on skates all of their lives.


2017 Skaters

Atomic Mel-Down


Eirinn Go Brawl

Erin Jackson

Fancy Schmancy

Georgia Hope

Georgia Hope




Kat Von…


Krispy Kreme-Her

Legs R Us

Lucinda Knickers

Meow Mix

Noam Bombsky

Shady Godiva

Shady Godiva

Snot Rocket Science